Weird MC engine problem

Phil Payne quattro at
Fri Aug 9 22:03:59 EDT 2002

> > If you try and put any appreciable load on the car, it dies
> > instantly and won't restart.  At
> > this time, an attached code-pulling LED illuminates permanently.
> > If you cycle the ignition,
> > it comes back on with ECU power.
> Well, it must restart eventually.  How long does it behave like not wanting
> to start?

Variable - roughly two to five minutes.

> When it will not start, does it have spark?  It might be a shorted coil,
> that kind of sort of works until the cylinder pressure goes up, whereupon it
> shorts due to the increased heat load on the coil.  After it cools, it works
> again.  This is, of course, a real WAG!

Spark is normal.

> Have you swapped the ignition module for a known good one? (I'm assuming the
> MAC-14 MC still has a separate ignition module, like the MAC-11 system)

Yup - swapped the coil pack with another car.  Symptoms stayed with the car.

I forgot to mention - on a significant number of th efailed start attempts, the engine kicks
in and runs backwards for three or four revolutions.

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