4ktq brake upgrade opinions

Mark L. Chang mchang at ee.washington.edu
Fri Aug 9 13:19:39 EDT 2002

Wilwoods from RPI are okay, and fit under a 15" wheel I think. They have
flex issues under hard braking, and have no external dust seals, so
therefore, they really aren't for "street" use, especially if you are
planning on winter driving the car in the rust/salt belt.

You could definitely fab your own bracketry to fit any caliper if you
have a good machine shop to go to.

Another option is to consider the Outlaw 4000 calipers. Gary K. I think
had a set of these guys on his 4ktq and seemed to enjoy the performance.

Otherwise, good pads are the first step.

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 04:50:26PM -0400 or thereabouts, Eddy Mattice wrote:
> Thought I would see what the collective wisdom had to say about this...
> Car is a 86 4ktq, h+r's w/bilstein sports, 15" speedlines 205/50r15 tires
> about to have 3" exhaust and some extra boost... I am really trying to avoid
> swapping strut housings and everything... So is there any other options for
> good brks on this car... w/o spending huge amounts of money or time???

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