Arrrrrrrrgh! Intermittent dead 90q ignition (long)

nde264 at nde264 at
Fri Aug 9 15:26:42 EDT 2002

So, am I right to assume that if a contact in the FPR goes bad, that it will
disable ignition?  The relay is double or triple throw?  The car doesn't feel
like it's running out of gas/losing fuel, but more like it's just losing spark.
 It doesn't always sputter, the tach just rapidly drops to zero, and the car
won't fire for a few minutes.

Nathan Engelbert
89 90q

JShadzi at writes on Fri, 9 Aug 2002 11:16:51 EDT:
> I've had the same exact symptoms in the past with differen Audi's I've
> owned/worked on, usually a fuel pump relay with a temp releated connection
> problem.  Try jumpering the fuel pump to power next time it happens, if it
> fires right up, you found the problem.
> Javad

Ignition woes snipped.

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