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When I can out, someone had sat on the hood on the drivers side and pushed
in down.
I suggested to my husband that we roll up a rug or towel or something
and close the hood with it under there.      He thinks that will make
it worse.    The hood now sits just under the edge of the fender and
does not have the smooth curve which is had.   Somewhat flat now.
Is this a do it yourself project or shall I take it to a body shop ?

Since the hood was being supported by the hinges and the corner adjustment
stops, when the downward force was applied, causing the removal of the
factory curve, you will have to set up the reverse scenario.  You would
have to support the reverse side of the same support points, and then apply
a force in the reverse direction, for the same amount of time, to reach a
good attempt of reversing the problem.  This generally is accomplished by
removal of the hood from the car, placement within a framework, and then
stress applied until the required arc is reached and maintained.  Should
you place an article under the hood, while the hood is still in place on
the car, you are taking the chance of creating a misaglignment at the
hinges and the supports, along with the possibility of creating a reverse
"bump" within the area of the existing damage.  I realize that when one
stands aside and looks at the damage, one can very easily be fooled into
reaching the conclusion that this would seem to be an easy fix.  I am not a
professional body repair man (I have about five years apprentice time from
back in the 60's), so I am only offering from my experience.  As I can not
see the actual damage, I would suggest at least taking the car to a few
body repair shops and ask them for an estimate of the cost and the labor
time for the repair.  The difference you hear in the labor time will give
you a better idea of what it will take to repair your car.

Tex Terry, II
83 5kt sedan (non-quattro)
Franklin, PA  USA

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