'95 A6q fluids...DIY Maintenance

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Aug 9 13:48:56 EDT 2002

Mike Veglia writes:
> 1. Oil changes. This is only the second Audi I have owned with a front
> undertray (the first being an '88 80q). I can easily see the oil filter from
> the top--so I assume I could replace it from the top? Haven't yet looked for
> the drain. Does the undertray need to be removed for routine oil changes?

You can try to change the oil filter from the top, but it's much easier
to do it from the bottom with the aerodynamic cover removed.  It's not that
bad.  If you have to drain the old oil anyway, you *need* to remove that
cover.  I would use 20W50 on your car in California's mild temperatures.
Audi didn't change to requiring the super-thin oils until model years
2000 or so.

> 2. PS oil. The label on the reservoir says G002000, and the reservoir is
> full of what appears to be pretty fresh looking green gold.

Use Pentosin 11S.

> Anyone have links to any good sites that include DIY maintenance/repair tips
> for these newer V6 engine cars like there are for all the various older
> models?

There used to be http://www.12v.org, but it seems to have disappeared...

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