Weird MC engine problem

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Fri Aug 9 23:00:08 EDT 2002

At 12:33 9/08/2002 -0700, Bernard Littau wrote:

>Interesting.  Did you power wash the engine?  You may want to check the
>distributor, especially the cap.  I've seen water or other foreign material
>in the cap.  I've had these cars idle fine, but buck and stall under load or
>increased rpms.  Foreign material can cause all sorts of crossfire events,
>which might explain the backwards running, and the stall.
>You're not off by one on the plugs, by chance?  Maybe swapped two leads?  I
>suppose it might idle in such a state, though I have not tried this.

Hmm, off by one lead makes SERIOUS backfiring in the exhaust and will never
allow a car to start... BTDT twice, the last time it was with the 3B...


'85 Coupe quattro - 3B converted, awaiting replacement gearbox, HD
Bilsteins/H&R springs and Porsche front brakes

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