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>>I suggested to my husband that we roll up a rug or towel or something
>>and close the hood with it under there.   He didn'tthink it was a
>>good idea.
>Since the hood was being supported by the hinges and the corner adjustment
>stops, when the downward force was applied, causing the removal of the
>factory curve, you will have to set up the reverse scenario.  You would
>have to support the reverse side of the same support points, and then apply
>a force in the reverse direction, for the same amount of time, to reach a
>good attempt of reversing the problem.  This generally is accomplished by
>removal of the hood from the car, placement within a framework, and then
>stress applied until the required arc is reached and maintained.  Should
>you place an article under the hood, while the hood is still in place on
>the car, you are taking the chance of creating a misaglignment at the
>hinges and the supports, along with the possibility of creating a reverse
>"bump" within the area of the existing damage.  I realize that when one
>stands aside and looks at the damage, one can very easily be fooled into
>reaching the conclusion that this would seem to be an easy fix.  I am not a
>professional body repair man (I have about five years apprentice time from
>back in the 60's), so I am only offering from my experience.  As I can not
>see the actual damage, I would suggest at least taking the car to a few
>body repair shops and ask them for an estimate of the cost and the labor
>time for the repair.  The difference you hear in the labor time will give
>you a better idea of what it will take to repair your car.

Hi Tex - Well, this time it looks like I should take my husband's
advice.    ;-)
Thank you for the very helpful information.
I never realized how complicated this can get  . . . .  I did call
and report it to the insurance company and it will be interesting to
find out what they say further.    They consider it vandalism.
Thanks again !!  Fay

     "Create a great day !"

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