badge p/n lookup in you-know-what

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Fri Aug 9 15:20:25 EDT 2002

how can i get a copy of "you know what"???

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auditude at writes:
> I haven't used the you-know-what in a long time, and even then haven't had
much experience with it.
> I am now trying to find the p/n for a 5000 badge, as I have had many
failed attempts at ordering and receiving the correct one.
> I can't for the life of me find that section.  The only things that I can
get to pull up are the inside trim pieces for the trunk.
> Does anyone who's adept at using the you-know-what know how to find this

How about selecting your year and model of 5k, then go to Main Group 8,
Subgroup 53, Illustration 132-00?

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