Weird MC engine problem

Henry A Harper III hah at
Fri Aug 9 16:30:16 EDT 2002

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Hi Phil,

Would it be fair to say that the sudden-engine-death happens only when the
engine shifts on its mounts, as during a "traffic light start"? Can you
very slowly slip the clutch and get the car moving that way? If you have
changed out all the control modules and relays, perhaps the harness
connecting them all together (supposedly) is a bit the worse for wear from
the "electrical incident"? Some wire bundle that opens or shorts (would
have to be a smallish short though not to blow any fuses?) internally when
the engine shifts? Starter/alternator cable hitting frame rail? (I know how
you love to replace those engine mounts!) Takes a little while to cool or
move back together, then you can restart? Not that it's going to be fun to
find... That's my WAG, since a crack in an intake boot that opened when the
engine shifted probably wouldn't cause the electrical oddity and lack of
immediate (stationary) restart.

HTH! (and would it be possible for me to use a few more question marks?)
Henry Harper  hah at
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