did modine make my radiator?

scott thomas scott at dreamtheater.zzn.com
Fri Aug 9 19:10:45 EDT 2002

I just pulled the all metal rad out of my 200q.
It had just sprung a small leak, just enough to
be wet. I have 5 radiators and one modine all
metal. Anyway, the radiator that I pulled out
was different from the Modine I put in. First,
There is not tag identifying Modine. Second, the
construction is different from the Modine I put
in. It doesn't have the soldered on plates that
run from tank to tank. The overflow tube is a
curved piece, at 90 degrees. Can't remember much
more different. SO, who makes this? If it's
Modine, I'd most certainly want to send it back.

I have seen others with this radiator in their
car and always assumed it was Modine. There's a
sticker on top that says NK, or something like

The leak is on the endplate, where the core is
fitted. The core fins have also begun to
disintegrate near the leak area. You touch them,
and they come apart. It was kind of alarming to
pull the radiator out and see there were very
few core fins left on one side of the radiator.
Meanwhile, the leak was just enough to show a
spot. Luckily, nothing bad happened on my trip
to Iowa. While I was at it, I changed the temp
switch. Had a new one in my part boxes for
years, but didn't use it because it was the
higher temp model. Wire brushed off the old one,
saw it was gonna fail soon, and saw the higher
temps on it. Voila!

My replacement has a straight overflow tube and
has a Modine tag on it.

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