bad fuel pump relay?

Nathan Engelbert n-engelbert at
Fri Aug 9 19:51:49 EDT 2002

I took the fuel pump relay out of my 89 90q to see if there is anything
abnormal that could cause the intermittent ignition shutoff I have described
where the car will stall and the tach will drop almost as if one turns off
the ignition key and will not restart for 5 minutes to over an hour.

The FPR's connections on 87 and 87a are not nearly as clean as the others.
They look as if they have been burned a little at the base (relay end) and a
little less on the tips.  The middle is still shiny though I can tell where
the connection was made with the relay panel as there are silver stripes up
each of the pins.  The contacts inside are also discolored, but shiny in the
middle of where they presumably make contact.

Is this discoloration normal, or could this be a sign of a bad relay and the
reason that my car has been stalling?

Nathan Engelbert
89 90q

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