Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Fri Aug 9 22:42:46 EDT 2002

> >>So do you think I should try to fix it myself or take it to the body shop ?
> >
> >Isn't it insured?  Let *them* pay the shop (unless you're real good!)
> >You're going to be staring at that hood every time you drive!
> Douglas, about the same time someone else suggested the insurance
> company.  I didn'tknow it would cover such a small thing.

Insurance will cover anything, but there is usually a ddeductible that
affects whether it is worth claiming.  If you have comprehensive, you
should have coverage for vandalism and the like.  It might also have a
much lower deductible than your collision coverage.

Although I'd be tempted to keep an eye our for a good used hood in a
similar (or contrasting!) color.

Huw Powell



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