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<< Carter,

I agree that you have better options out there, but if he doesn't want to
replace the strut towers, I assumed he will not replace the wheels with 16"
ones. I don't think there is an option with Brembo/ATP that fits 15" wheels,
does it?

I think with the right pads/rotors, like your combination, some cooling ducts
and lots of dust, that he probably can live with, is a good option..


Carlos. >>

Hey Carlos, et al..

Having put a whole lot of miles on T85's, most of them fast, and a good
percentage on the track, I don't see any reason to upgrade the brakes unless
you're talking huge horsepower numbers.  Carlos is right - get a good set of
pads and some decent rotors, change your fluid often (or switch to Super
Blue....but remember that it collects water...), and go have fun.  In my GT,
I can pick myself right up out of the seat if I stand on the brakes...all the
way from 115 down.  Now, if you have big horsepower, you shouldn't compromise
on your brake setup anyways.  Drive a 944 Turbo and you'll understand why
speed needs GREAT brakes - and you'll never want anything other than Brembos
(except those ultra cool AP's...)


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