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Sat Aug 10 02:05:54 EDT 2002

When I did Lime Rock Park in 1996 or 7, The rear muffler section that the
pipes to the Twin tips exiting the bumper cover rusted out so the end of the
actual muffler was wide open (about 7" oval like.....) and the thing sounded
ultra sweet at redline on the straightaway.

During lunch I saw guys on their hands and knees trying to figure out what
trick exhaust system I had.

Then I overheard this guy in the bathroom saying:  "Its stock.....just
rusted out!"

I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
link to that ride -
-Scott in BOSTON

on my 4kq with relatively stock everything (except 2.3 cam and empty cat)
i left the middle muffler and had a cherrybomb turbo muffler installed at a
local muffler shop
the muffler only cost 19.99 and install was like $25.
sounds sweet but not too loud either.

i will record sound samples if desired.

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