Arrrrrrrrgh! Intermittent dead 90q ignition (long)

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Sat Aug 10 02:51:08 EDT 2002

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<< The only ignition/fuel pump
interface is a tach wire running to the fuel pump relay, which provides
the safety feature of shutting off the fuel pump if the rpm's go to zero
or the red line. >>

my car has been suffering the same symptoms as the other listers on this
I think the above needs more attention....same thing as my posting on 7/26

<<My fuel pump circuit seems to have a mind of its own these days . just took
it on 300 mile trip and there were no problems. Let it sit overnight and no
checked power to pump at the green/yellow wire connector under rear seat, and
reading was zero(while engine was cranking). traced wire all the way to #2
relay and there were no signs of cracking, breakage , overheating or shorts.
switched out relay with 2 different(known good) units -still zero. Replugged
connector , car starts right up with orig relay.  Drive 2 miles car dies dead
at 2500 rpm mellow cruise speed (35mph, smooth road).Cranks and cranks but
nada. check for power again zero . walk to autoparts store to buy  primary
wire to hard wire to defroster switch to limp it home. give it a crank BEFORE
emergency wiring procedure... it starts!>>

but now that I think about it tach was going dead for about four
months before the real ignition problems set in.......there was no safety
shutoff... car kept going with dead tach , and then a few miles down the road
it would jump back to life.
I wonder if my problem lies there.....

854kq trip computer tach

now the car is dead again after running good for 2 weeks........and I know
the ignition is dead because I powered up the pump bypassing the relay and
still no start

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