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In my experience, when you have a glowing red turbo, the cooling system is working really hard, especially in a non-T44 car with already limited cooling capacity.  Turbo converted cars need upgraded cooling when driven hard, the turbo dumps a lot of heat into the coolant, and its gotta go somewhere.


> NOT trying to be a d*ck, but I think you just answered
> you're own question.  You said the turbo dumps heat
> into the water.  How can you have a cherry red turbo
> and normal water temps?   Cause the water looses the
> heat to every other part it comes in contact with.
> Plus it has a hugh heat sink capability.  The only
> time I ever saw high water temps was a direct result
> of the AC condenser.
> Jim Accordino
> --- JShadzi at wrote:
> > Nope, water cooled fact, the
> > manufacturers will tell you that turbos are either
> > air cooled or water cooled, the oil is for
> > lubrication.  Granted, it does pick up a great deal
> > of heat, and thus the need for an oil cooler - but
> > the oil itself does less to cool the turbo than say
> > a water jacket, which is picking up a lot of heat.
> >
> > Javad
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> > >I think maybe the reason the water temp is still
> > cool but the oil temp is up
> > >might be the turbo dumping heat in the oil rather
> > than the cylinders. I
> > >assume these cars us engine oil to cool the turbo
> > and not coolant as well.
> > >
> > >James

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