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Sat Aug 10 11:47:54 EDT 2002

No offense, but that's about the dumbest comparison I've ever seen.  The
main crux of the comparison seems to be markings, or similarity of same.
IF this guy had a clue about the parts industry, he would know that when
chains (and even relatively smaller distributors) source out for parts,
the manufacturer will stamp/mark/decorate or package to the buyers
specifications.  WorldPac has it's logo stamped into the metal of the
Geba etc. water pumps now, along with the Worldpac nomenclature for the
pumps, does that mean that because the pump from an Audi and a Mercyless
Benz have similiar stamps and numbers they can be conjectured to be the
If you're going to even attempt to compare items like this, at least a
cut away would be in order.  Hell, the guy might even be right, they both
might be made by the same manufacturer for both companies.
Makes no difference to me, as I always buy the Mann filters for a little
more than the STP price anyway, wouldn't use anything else.  I once used
a Wix filter that looked pretty OEM on the 5KS, sounded like someone had
thown a box of marbles in the valve cover on cold startup.


"Suffolk GameServer LAN" <suffolk.associates at verizon.net> writes:

> Not quite the answer your looking for but food for thought:
> http://www.avacationhomerental.com/MPTSAudiOilFilterComparo.htm
> -Scott in BOSTON

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