oil cooler/oil filter hsng hose fittings

Ameer Antar antar at attbi.com
Sat Aug 10 13:38:13 EDT 2002

thanks for the info Javad and Jim. I found the fitting in the aeroquip
catalog. But I'd also like to know where to get oil coolers and these
aeroquip fittings. I've been hunting online for a while and I can only find
a few places, but they're all more expensive than the catalogs I have at
home. I can get a 13-row oil cooler for $99 for the MGB from the
over-priced Moss catalog. This is the aircraft aluminum type oil cooler,
not the cheap coil-type oil cooler. I know a few wholesalers that can get a
much better price too, but it probably has British fittings as it's for the
standard MGB hoses. I'd like one w/ regular flare (~ 8AN) fittings so I can
buy some fancy "racing" hose. The ones I can find are all over $100. Please
send links. Also are there racer wholesale shops that would have them and
those aeroquip fittings? Where did you guys go? Thanks a bunch.


At 11:13 AM 8/9/2002, you wrote:
>Yes, the female threads in the housing are 18x1.5mm, Aeroquip makes a to
>-10 adaptor, 2bennett stocks them I believe.  What I used, from the -10
>there is a world of possibility  =)

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