Type 85 (86/87) Coupe steering

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Aug 10 14:39:14 EDT 2002


At 12:37 PM 08/10/2002 -0400, Robert Myers wrote:

>Kneale and Dave, et al,
>The very fact that Audi uses the exact same part number (G002000) for both
>7.1 and 11S indicates to me that Audi regards them as fully

It's my understanding that Audi told dealers when it REPLACED 7.1 with 11S
that the oils were backwards compatible (ie, you could put 11S in an older
system, but you shouldn't mix 7.1 with 11S in a newer system).  They
stopped supplying dealers with 7.1.  They didn't want newer cars getting
7.1 and they didn't want dealers carrying two oils.  There are some
temperature-related performance differences in the oils, with the synthetic
having a wider range of temperature tolerance.


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