Pentosin PS Fluid 7 or 11 or doubles....quattro digest #3820

Suffolk GameServer LAN at
Sun Aug 11 01:32:39 EDT 2002

Almost positive that the sticker (green ring) around the PS fluid reservoir
says G002000.
It says that on the 85 5000S I'm driving while fixing the 1990 200TQA
starter and also on some 1991 20V Turbo someone was showing me the other

Although all three seem to have G002000 on the reservoir, it is just a part
number (for fluid?) or a sticker part number.
I think 1990 is the upgrade year to 11S pentosin.
Below 1990 the Pentosin 7 green cap is used (5k and 4K's too.)

Can an authority confirm this?
I read days ago someone said you can use newer 11S in place of the older 7
(red cap 11 vs. green 7 cap) but not vice versa......................
-Scott in BOSTON

I think I've read here that early PS systems with a square reservoir used
ATF and those with the round one used G002000.

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