German type 44 scene

Tom Nas tnas at
Sun Aug 11 15:34:38 EDT 2002

Zsolt Kovacs <zsolt1 at> wrote:

>I have a hunch that car could actually be from the US. Probably a military guy
>who owns it. When you're in cities where there is a base you see quite a few
>of those cars. There is also a pic that shows the USA sticker on the back. I
>bet this is the Audi.

Could be, I've seen a few but they usually have the special licence plates
used for non-residents.
The unintended acceleration cr*p left Audi with lots of unsold US models,
which they sold for some part here in Europe. There are a few 4000s and
5000s running around Holland, and I see a couple for sale on
and every once in a while. They're considered cool because
they're usually better specced than Euro models and the exterior
differences make them stand out. We have several 5000s in the Dutch Audi club.
Then of course there's personal imports- I've stripped a 5000tqa for parts
a while ago, personal import from MA.


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