(LAC) MTBE, 76, pros/cons?

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MTBE is Methyl tertiary butyl ether. It's added because it contains an oxyg=
en molecule, which adds oxygen to combustion process, reducing unburned hyd=
rocarbons, carbon monoxide, etc. Anyway, there is a bit less energy content=
 per gallon with MTBE than with standard (mostly aromatic) gasoline. Since =
the maximum MTBE content is about 15%, your performance can only get (sligh=
tly) better without MTBE. The big deal about MTBE is that it's a proven car=
cinogen. We have it here in Utah valleys during the winter to reduce carbon=
 monoxide concentrations during temperature inversions.

Paul Meyers

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Subject: (LAC) MTBE, 76, pros/cons?

I've noticed lately here in SoCal that Union 76 is advertising that their
gas has no MTBE. Hm. Great, my Cream o' Wheat has no lemon pepper either.

Currently I'm using Chevy Supremey Creamy w/Techron on my '87 5ktq. How is
MTBE better/worse for the performance of my car? Would I even notice a
difference (assuming I'm using the same octane rated fuels from either

(hopefully this won't be an environmental, fuel formula, my chemistry class
was better than yours, etc. thread...)

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