Poor little Audi

Tom Nas tnas at euronet.nl
Mon Aug 12 00:01:14 EDT 2002

At 17:19 11-8-02 -0400, Rave Racer wrote:

>     As the local rice boy a la European, I wanna know what's under the hood.
>I'll give it respect for the look, as long as it has the juice.  No juice,
>what's the point?  Suspension, exhaust, intake are all ricer mods, but to
>throw a roll bar in on top of that and not have intention of putting it to
>it's purpose is real ricer.
>     I may be a ricer, but at least I understand that if you put all the
>stuff on a car to make it look fast, but it's not fast, then you're just
>being a poser.... Especially if you buy it already done.

According to the auction story, it's a stock 2.8 V6 w/autobox... nothing
much to get excited about. All show, no go.


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