Windshield washer pump on '95 90Q

Fred Munro munrof at
Sun Aug 11 22:36:24 EDT 2002

Hi Joel;

I had the same symptoms on my '94 S4. The windshield washer pump motor had
seized. Washer fluid leaked past the seal and the shaft seized to the lower
I replaced the pump but did manage to repair the old one. It comes apart
fairly easily and I lubed and freed up the motor.


Fred Munro
'94 S4

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So the windshield washers on my '95 90Q have recently stopped working and
I'm on the
case to find out why.  At first I thought simply low fluid levels, but
topping the
tank off didn't help.  I don't hear the pump turning on when I pull back
the lever
as I remember hearing in the past.  I'm confident the wiper stalk switch is
because the headlight washers work properly.  I checked the fuses and
looks fine there as well.

Any common culprits to go immediately after when I start the detective
work?  Also,
what's the best way to access the pump location and washer fluid tank in
(down from the top, up from the bottom)?  Thanks in advance,


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