Help! Car stalls when going from high RPM to idle

Nate Stuart newt at
Mon Aug 12 00:00:15 EDT 2002

Sounds like a sticky decel valve, go here:
for the details.

'89 90tq

Ben Pearre said:
> Hi!
> 1990 200AQ.
> I just drove 1300 miles without a problem.  Returning from Nova Scotia
> to Boston, I stopped off in Portland to get a UHaul trailer (I'm
> moving to Boulder tomorrow).  That means I towed the trailer (empty, but
> lots of windage - 18 MPG @ 60 MPH, normally this would be 27 or so) for
> about 100 miles.  Now, the car keeps stalling, both when I start up and
> when I take my foot off the gas/hit the clutch.  The
> engine comes down from 2000 RPM or whatever and just keeps sinking lower
> and lower until it stalls.
> Trying to start the engine, it sometimes seems to catch, but can't hold
> up its RPMs, and just stops.  I can then start the car by giving it some
> gas while turning the starter.
> It seems to happen more when the engine isn't warmed up, but I
> wouldn't swear that this is a large effect.
> The car normally idles at 700 RPM or so, and that works fine.
> Thanks very much for any ideas!!
> -Ben
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> bwpearre at       

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