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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sun Aug 11 21:45:16 EDT 2002

James Hanson writes:
> found a nice little '87 5000S in a local junkyard.  Brought it in last week,
> apparently.  Auto transmission.  80k miles, give or take.
> Are there any parts that I might want from it for my '87 4000CS?

If your 4000 is a 4-cylinder, then there is not much in common.
Moreover, none of the interior pieces are compatible, nor body panels or
glass or major suspension components.

The interior dome light plastic bezel on the 5000 is nicer and a direct
swap for the one in the 4K.

If you want to really dive into the wiring, you can retrofit the interior
dome light time delay system, as well as the one-touch down driver's side
window feature from the 5000 (assuming that the 5000 in question has that)
into your car.  It's not a plug-n-play thing though.  Be prepared for some
fairly involved wiring surgery.

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