(LAC) MTBE, 76, pros/cons?

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Mon Aug 12 01:22:48 EDT 2002

> MTBE, Methyl tertiary-butyl ether CH3-O-C(CH3)3, is an additive formerly
> mandated by CARB and intended to reduce smog during winter months in
> California.  It provided some of the oxygen for "burning" the fuel already
> combined with the fuel.  (Buncha BS, IMO, but that was their claim.)  MTBE
> has also recently been found to become a major ground water contaminant in
> areas where it is used and its use is no longer mandated.  The presence of
> the oxygen of the MTBE also reduced the energy available from a gallon of
> gasoline which had the effect of reducing performance and or fuel economy
> of the engine in which it was used.

Here's hoping I don't see my usual 20% drop in fuel economy this winter!

Oh, and my chemistry calss may not have been better than yours, but our
teacher did this hilarious/humiliating John Denver routine for the
"faculty follies" each year...

Huw Powell



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