'91 CQ Washer Reservoir Removal

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Mon Aug 12 01:43:55 EDT 2002

Christopher Gharibo wrote:
> I am converting my '91 CQ to the combined windshield/headlight washer
> reservoir of the '95 90. Any BTDT?
> The following are my problems:
> 1. How in the world do I take out the old winshield washer reservoir that I no
> longer need? It's next to the radiator, nestled near the G002000 reservoir and
> the fender. What's the most efficient way to get it out?

according to my brief research foray... one bolt near the filler cap,
one nut at the very rear, and a rubber bushing holding the bottom in
place.  How hard is that to remove?  probably "very".  As in, remove
many other things first.

prolly easier to remove the fender and replace the leaking headlight
washer tank.  I don't think they go bad often.

And that headlight sprayer system uses a *lot* of fluid, it's nice ot
have separate tanks so the w/s washer doesn't run dry prematurely.

Huw Powell



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