which shop press for DIY stuff? (bearings/bushings/etc.)

Perry, Christoper (EDS) chris.perry at weyerhaeuser.com
Sun Aug 11 23:16:57 EDT 2002

I got the Harbor Freight 12 ton press.  It has worked for me with wheel
bearings and A-arm bushings and it was 99.00

Chris Perry

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> *sigh*  I've been working on the '86 Coupe GT this weekend.  I got three
of the four control arm bushings
> out and two pressed back in with my "HuwPress", when the (type 85
compressor mounting) bolt snapped.
>  grrr!  What a pita!  I also crushed a 2" cap due to too small of a washer
and probably catching the 3/4"
> coupler on the control arm.  The first three removals and two installs
went okay.  It was nice to be able to
> do that at home.  It's time consuming and tiring tho'.

that device seems to have a slightly limited lifespan.  My first one
went for about 10-12 bushings before someone broke *something* on it.

It is also hard on worn out, rusty control arms.

> I think I want to buy a shop press, probably from Harbor Freight.  I'd
like to hear some opinions on what
> press I should go for.

Clueless there, but the main advantage, as I see it, to my clumsy tool
is that you can use it under the car, which is less work, sort of.

Although I applaud your desire for an appropriate, versatile "real"
tool, you could get another one of those long bolts from a dealer for a
few dollars, if that is an easy option.  Or at a junkyard, I guess,
though they can tough to extract.

Huw Powell



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