which shop press for DIY stuff? (bearings/bushings/etc.)

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Mon Aug 12 03:13:25 EDT 2002

> I would have had a hard time doing it on the car.

Hmmm, I liked doing it that way... but tastes vary, of course.

> I do seem to have some difficulty getting the coupling to center exactly where I want it to, so that it
> catches on the bushing "sleeve" but not the control arm hole.  I end up missing part of the sleeve and the
> coupling starts to go in crooked.  One of those many-hour long tasks that you spend time getting
> intimately familiar with that only certain others could appreciate.

Yup, sometimes at just happens with a big "pop" and you think, hmmm,
I'll pause when it gets tight and align it next time so I don't get
scared... but what do you expect for a $5 tool?

Of course, I probably forgot to allow for the fact that a drill press
makes that hole easier to make.

> I can just imagine you pushing in those
> old sleeveless style bushings.

ah, the good ole days... yellow metal, antique designs... yikes, had
that thing out today, and for a 101 hp thing that makes more noise than
power, it sure is fun to scare the neighbors with... my clutch is my

Huw Powell



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