Helicoil into oil pan bolt hole on MC

Joseph Rae quattro at centurytel.net
Mon Aug 12 02:48:54 EDT 2002

Hey everybody,

I have a 5000cstq that I am going to replace the clutch next week, the
clutch is slipping and I thinking it is due to my rear main seal leaking
onto the clutch/flywheel. The other possibility is a slightly stripped
oil pan bolt hole on the back of the engine leaking oil onto the
flywheel/clutch? The oil pan needs to come off to do the rear main seal
if I remember correctly. My question is how hard is it to put a helicoil
in to the block at the same time to fix that stripped bolt hole? I have
never done a helicoil before are they a DIY, where would I find a
helicoil in the right thread pitch or would I use a different bolt

Thanks in advance


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