PA Northeast Extension drivers?

Dan Z. Johnson danz at
Mon Aug 12 07:06:36 EDT 2002

Only if she will return the favor! I've broken down twice now on 476,
watched other Audi's (including a car just like mine) whiz by. I think
it's just too painful for them. "Oh my god, it's an Audi, and it's DEAD!
RUN! "

JordanVw at wrote:

> In a message dated 8/9/02 8:32:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> danz at writes:
>> I drive the PA NE Extension nearly every day between Quakertown and
>> Mid
>> county. Anyone else out there make this trip on a daily basis? I've
>> seen
>> a lot of Audis, some interesting ones, too.
> look for a white '86 5k w/ 4k rear spoiler and 15" BBS off a '90
> 100Q....  thats my mom.  giver her a ride if she breaks down on the
> side of 476  ;<)
> chris
> allentown

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