fuel pressure stuff

Graham Thackrah gthack at geog.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Aug 12 15:22:25 EDT 2002



is the URL for the JCW fuel pressure gauge.

As for running the FP, take the FP relay out the car and just jumper
between the two big blades in the fuse box relay socket. I made up a
little set of flying leads to do this from the blades off a blown fp
relay, stick a fuse in line and a switch between the wires that is push
to make, that way its a dead mans handle if things go pear shaped. There
are no worries with running the pump with the ign off, excess fuel is
returned to the tank just fine. Don't forget, when you measure *cold*
control pressure, to take the connector off the cold start valve, or
you'll also be supplying voltage to it's heater and after a few seconds
you'll be getting a higher control pressure reading as the bimetallic
strip heats up.

If it's a JCW guage, watch the `O' rings on the fitting that attaches to
the metering head, they can leak a bit.

If you're doing all this I'd definately buy a copy of the Probst Bosch
fuel injection book. It is worth its weight in Pentosin.


(sorry for the long URL)



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