5000tq wheels on A4Q?

t44tq at mindspring.com t44tq at mindspring.com
Mon Aug 12 12:09:46 EDT 2002

Yes, they should fit fine.

Make sure the 5ktq that they're from has the G60 brakes- there was a running
change in the wheels that gave the wheels a tad more clearance in the later
cars, only a suffix change in the part number.

Barring that, I'd sell you my OEM '91 200q wheels, but they're probably a lot
more than you want to spend, esp. for winter wheels.


On Mon, 12 Aug 2002 05:44:20 -0400 ricematthews <ricematthews at msn.com> wrote:

I have an opportunity to buy a set of stock 15x6 wheels from a 5000tq cheap.
Does anybody know if these will fit on my '98 A4Q 2.8 Avant with stock
brakes?  (Wheels would be for winter use.)  Thanks.

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