4ktq brake upgrade opinions

Mike Veglia msvphoto at pacbell.net
Mon Aug 12 12:00:15 EDT 2002

In a message dated 8/10/2002 Carter writes:

<< Oh, that must be "put your foot down and hold the wheel straight."  :-)
America is such a boring track, especially compared to Mosport, Walkins Glen
or Limerock... >>

Depends, if you're driving a road going car perhaps. Try going through "the
kink" flat out in a CART Champ car or LMP900 ALMS car and then tell me "it's
boring" ;-) The circuit has huge international acclaim as being one of the
premier road courses in North America. In really fast equipment, as I
understand it since I obviously have no personal BTDT, it is a great

Mike Veglia
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