What else ? '88 Audi 5000

Ice Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 12 15:47:45 EDT 2002

Big thank you to everyone who has written to us!
Lots of good advice and suggestions which have saved us a ton of
headaches so far.
We are still plugging along.
Not great power . . .

These have checked out okay ~
no faults shown on display
vacuum system
cold start valve
idle stabilizer valve
full throttle switch
air filter
fuel filter - new
fuel pressure good
gas tank clean
air sensor moves freely and does control fuel delivery pressure
injectors deliver similar amounts of fuel spray patterns not perfect
took injectors out, inspected them and put in new O rings.
changed ignition control unit from another car with no results
fuel volume above specs
carbon canister shut off valve doesn't seem to work
hall sender (ignition pickup coil) okay
new secondary ignition wires
plugs okay

What is next to check ?            :-(

Is it possible if wire was broken between sensor and control unit
that it would not register on the fault codes, or is there a
indicator built in to indicate lack of indication?

P.S. from Fay - If all of the fuel and electrical system stuff seems
to check out, is there anything else besides a vacuum leak which
could cause lack of power.

Jim's '88 Audi 5000
2.3 liter engine
No Turbo, No Q

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