Do not bid on Audi items sold by yblockspecialties on E-Bay!

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I have already reported the fraud to PayPal and it is under investigation. They are awaiting his response to the allegations. They are requiring him to provide:

1.Provide me a full refund for the amount of the disputed transaction
2.Provide tracking information that proves delivery to my Confirmed Address
3.Provide proof of a previously issued refund

He has until the 14th to respond. I noticed that he is racking up complaints on E-Bay in his feedback like crazy lately. He used to have an almost perfect record, now it looks bad. He's racked up 6 complaints in the past month that are exactly like mine, NO contact, NO response and full payment. I usually only deal with reputable people on E-Bay and have never had a problem until now. E-Bay won't let me file a fraud report until 30 days have passed, as soon as I can, I will file a fraud report with E-Bay.


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  I think Paypal has a fraud gaurantee if it sends $$$ to a verified
user. Contact Paypal and Ebay to see what knd of relief they can assist
you with. HTH
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