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Ben Swann bswann at
Mon Aug 12 17:25:19 EDT 2002

In a message dated 8/9/2002 Kneale Brownson writes:

<< How many drivers of Audis 12 or more years old are still paying to
them for anything but legally-necessary PLPD?   At what it would cost for
comprehensive coverage of my cars here in MI, I'd be paying for the car
again every four or five years. >>

We have had both Geico and Allstate.  The killer has been coverage on more
than 2 cars when only 2 drivers.  Full coverage is such a small amount
extra, it seems silly not to take it.

For example if I cover a car for Full Coverage it may be like $350 every 6
months per vehicle.  If I drop to comprehensive only, it only goes down to
something like $330 per vehicle.

I was able to save something more substantial to have the extra vehicle
insured as a pleasure  vehicle, but even then it is not much.

The numbers I use are only for example, and are not truly what we pay.


With to many Audis to register and insure.

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