which shop press for DIY stuff? (bearings/bushings/etc.)

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 12 15:37:52 EDT 2002

I've got the 20-ton standard floor press from Harbor
Freight for almost 2 years now.  Or is it 3?  Anyway,
boy have their prices gone up.  I think I paid about
$149.  Now it's $229.  I think probably the 12-ton for
$110. less would be sufficient.  Although a few of my
wheel bearings took all it had, I learned a few
"tricks" and the ones after that came out really easy.
 Be prepared the scavenge all sorts of bearing shells,
pipe fittings, steel plates and rods though.  The 2
plates that come with it seriously limit it's
effectiveness.  I've so far not stopped in trying to
either press anything in or out.  Although at times I
have had to resort to "stunt pressing".  Plates stood
up on end.  The piece propped up on the table.
Assorted drivers.  It's a made in China POS, but for
home use it's fine.  Much easier than hammers or home
made threaded puller/press.  I've replaced even
bushing and about 1/3 of the driveline bearings with
no real trouble.  Don't know that the A-frame has any
"benefits" as it's cheaper.  Don't know that this is a
limiting factor either.

Jim Accordino

--- auditude at cox.net wrote:
> Hey list,
> *sigh*  I've been working on the '86 Coupe GT this
> weekend.  I got three of the four control arm
> bushings
> out and two pressed back in with my "HuwPress", when
> the (type 85 compressor mounting) bolt snapped.
>  grrr!  What a pita!  I also crushed a 2" cap due to
> too small of a washer and probably catching the 3/4"
> coupler on the control arm.  The first three
> removals and two installs went okay.  It was nice to
> be able to
> do that at home.  It's time consuming and tiring
> tho'.
> I think I want to buy a shop press, probably from
> Harbor Freight.  I'd like to hear some opinions on
> what
> press I should go for.
> What tonnage press is sufficient to do the various
> things?  I would like to be able to press out and in
> wheel bearings, as well as control arm bushings and
> whatever else needs pressing.
> Harbor Freight has a 6 ton, 12 ton, 20 ton, 6 ton
> a-frame, 12 ton a-frame, and 20 a-frame.  There's
> also a
> 50 ton hydraulic one, but I'm not planning on
> getting that crazy.
> The bigger the press, the more money.  I just want
> to get what I need to get the job done, without
> paying
> for more than I need.
> What's the benefit to the a-frame style?

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