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james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 12 15:57:49 EDT 2002

You noticed that AC crapped out too?  At one time they
were among the best filters.  Heavy metal casing, hugh
filter area.  K-mart used to have rebates for them
where you could get them for $1.25 ea.  I didn't
realize who started making them, I just knew they
changed.  The standard Fram filters suck in our apps.
I don't think they have the anti-drainback feature and
the lifter know it on startup.

Jim Accordino

--- scott thomas <scott at dreamtheater.zzn.com> wrote:
> Bosch filters are stocked by the local Autozone.
> I saw the same thing. I do believe that all the
> filters, no matter what branding they carry, so
> long as they have that one larger hole for the
> outlets, they are made by Champion ??? A few
> years back, AC PF56's were my filter. There were
> two versions. A USA and a UK made. Anyway, they
> had great filtering area, media was good, bypass
> springs, but don't know if at the correct
> pressure, and a very thick and heavy case.
> Afterward, GM sold off the name and they went
> the Champion route, too.
> Not sure if the top of the line Frams are any
> good, but they cost more than the OEM filters,
> by about $4, so why not stick with the good
> stuff? I've noticed that my oil pressure has
> improved, and the oil has a transparancy to it
> that the other filters don't allow for when I
> drain it out. Don't know if they're related. I
> run synth only and do 5k mile change intervals.
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