What else ? '88 Audi 5000 NO Turbo

Ice Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 12 19:51:27 EDT 2002

Bernard wrote:
>Have you seen Scott Mockry's site?
>Specifically, the low power (low boost) section:

Thanks very much for these sites !

>Low power (low boost) could still be the throttle switch,

I have a newbie question . . .

Does the term "boost" refer to a car which has a Turbo only, or any car ?

I took this statement to read that it is interchangeable with
"power," and my better half says that he thought it was used in
conjunction with Turbos only.

I need a clarification of terms because my 200 is the first Turbo I
have owned.    And his down not have a turbo.    Thanks so much.


"Experience is the worst teacher.  It always gives the test first and
the instructions afterward."

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