'84 Coupe' GT- ISV From Mars?

Mark Vogt mwvogt at mindspring.com
Mon Aug 12 21:23:40 EDT 2002

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My '84 Coupe' ISV........has anybody ever seen this thing before? It
looks like none I've ever seen except in a bad SciFi. Has anyone had the
pleasure of trying to get the thing out? Well, try 2 hours. It sits
mounted to the side of the intake manifold....UNDER the throttle body.
I finally got it out... flooded inside with brake cleaner ala the Huw
menu....out comes the black ink...lots. Then I WD40'd it lightly as Huw
suggests. My question is: what is the history of these things lasting
after cleaning? My bet is that this is the original and was probably
never cleaned.
At $120 dealer cost for a new one, I'm willing to put another 2hours to
put it back... but, not looking forward to another 2 hours to take it
out in another week.
Any BTDT on the ISV from Mars?
Mark Vogt

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