What else ? '88 Audi 5000 - No Q, No Turbo

Ice Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 12 22:10:11 EDT 2002

>Husband is on firm ground. They could easily go a few years,
>especially with a little care. You take them off and inspect them
>for pitting at the metal electrodes where the spark jumps from the
>rotor to the cap. You can file off the oxidation and pitting if you
>find it, or replace the unit.   You also look for greasy films and
>faint spark trails that happen when a 50k volt spark finds a path to
>somewhere other than its intended electrode. It is also revealing to
>open the hood and run the engine without any illumination, in a dark
>garage. Sometimes you see these faint blue flashes and lines in the
>dark, on the high tension elements of the ignition system.
>If you already have the new ignition parts and discover they are not
>needed, park them until the old ones DO need replacing.

Doyt - he will be very happy to hear that as he is very thrifty.
Thanks.    That is a great trick to examine the car running in the
dark.   I should have had a V-8!     Some of this stuff sounds so
great *after* someone points is out !           The spark trail is
another good one.   Thanks again !!!       Fay

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