'84 Coupe' GT- ISV From Mars?

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Mon Aug 12 22:17:41 EDT 2002

> My '84 Coupe' ISV........has anybody ever seen this thing before? It
> looks like none I've ever seen except in a bad SciFi. Has anyone had the
> pleasure of trying to get the thing out? Well, try 2 hours. It sits
> mounted to the side of the intake manifold....UNDER the throttle body.

doesn't sound like where it is *supposed* to be... which is still nasty,
but pretty much on top, in the middle of a snarl of molded vacuum hoses
and wires.

Do you have a photo of the way your car is hosed?

> My question is: what is the history of these things lasting
> after cleaning? My bet is that this is the original and was probably
> never cleaned.

heh, I dunno, never having cleaned one that "needed" it, ie wasn't
working.  The one in my Coupe is still working flawlessly, even going
months without use, and it's from an '84 originally.

Huw Powell



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