Boost and Air-fuel mixture

Tim Penasack tpenasack at
Mon Aug 12 23:48:34 EDT 2002

Two questions for the MC-1 experts:

1- To much boost  I am running the stock WG spring and I am getting 12-15
LBS of boost? I thought the stock was 6 lbs? I checked the WG diaphragm and
didn't see any holes (I know that doesn't necessarily mean much).  Any ideas
why I am getting this much boost.  Oh - stock ECU also

2- Air - Fuel mixture.  I just installed a JC Whitney air-fuel mixture
gauge.  At idle or when I lift off the gas I get slightly rich reading.
Under boost I get a lean reading. Is this correct?  I thought I wanted a
rich reading under boost but then I am don't completely understanding all of
what happens on the CIS system.

Any ideas are helpful. I want to get this straightened out before my next



86 4KTQ rally car
01 S4

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