My friend might buy a 1988 90q

Richard Beels dare2dream at
Mon Aug 12 23:30:33 EDT 2002

The engine is different, they use the same Bentley....

I own 2, in-laws have another pair....

Other than the usual stuff in a car with 150K miles....

Fuel pump (all 4); cooling system runs a little hot (2); radiator
thermocouple (2); A/C (all rebuilt); valve tappets ticking (all); exhaust
headers (2), downpipe (1) and flange (2, including last week); transmission
halves sometimes leak a little (3 out of 4); multi-function sensor (3)...

That's about all I can think of now......

At 17:42 08/12/2002, Shakespearean monkeys danced on David Manz's keyboard
and said:
>Any advice for me to tell him? I said double check electrical. Its quattro
>with 154,000 miles. Any year specific things to look out for? Will it be
>similar enough to my 1990 90 20v,to make a comparion?
>~David Manz


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