Anyone have the A4 bentley manual?

ricematthews ricematthews at
Tue Aug 13 01:14:24 EDT 2002

I have the CD version and I might be able to e-mail you some of the info out
of that, but I would suggest buying the Haynes book that has recently come
out for the A4 & VW Passat.  I have found Haynes manuals to be much more
user friendly than Bentley and just the ticket for the more routine tasks
such as brakes.
I found the best place to go for it was through Haynes directly as Pep Boys
doesn't have the A4 one in yet (not even in their special order book) and
Amazon had it backordered.  It got to me really quickly too from what I
recall to be pretty far away.
BTW, I could probably also scan the Haynes pages if you really want it, but
a purchase of some sort of repair manual should probably be high on your
shopping list.  ;->

Think you could xerox the relevant pages for front and
rear brake rotor and pad replacement for me?  I'll pay
for any copy and postage fees...  Or email them to



Josh Wyte
Momentum Motorsports
508-833-3024 After 5 pm EST

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