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Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Tue Aug 13 14:34:14 EDT 2002


>Do I understand right when I think I can keep the harness already in my
>car, instead of installing "Harness 1"
>(http://home.no.net/glesne/Temp/Harness1.jpg) in my car?

Hold on, I don't see the intake temp connection.
Is it there?  What about the flywheel sensor plugs?

>Also, you said something 'bout wires from the black connector on the
>fusebox to the ignition coil. Is that going to trouble me?

Only thing from the fuse box will be +12 ignition and another wire for the rev counter.  What about the ignition module (coil driver)?  It is a separate piece from the MAC 01.

Hope this helps.
Martin Pajak

>Knut Arne Glesne
>´86 Coupé quattro (Soon with turbo!)
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>> Wow! That's a very badly messed-up with harness, Knut Arne!!!!!
>> Man, I've never seen such harnesses except for when they were supposed
>> be removed quickly and sent with the wreck to the junkyard!!!
>> The last harness picture is supposed to be a dashboard connection but
>> didn't use any of the 3B's dashboard connections so I'm not helpful
>> The point is that a harness can be removed very neatly without any
>> and I really don't understand why the guy who sold it to you did cut
>> There are supposed to be connections for the fusebox, also a BIG
>> for the ECU (didn't notice it but I hope you have it!) but man, you're
>> going to have a hell of a hard time to put this together and have it
>> running....
>> You can use the stock KV harness for the oil pressure warning light,
>> well as the oil temp sender, basically just remove the harness and put
>> aside, it's better to keep it "just in case"... Then you'll have to
>> with the B (black) connector at the fusebox, there are some
>> there for the ignition coil, and that's all I think, especially if the
>> wiring harness is simpler than the 3B (and I'm pretty sure it is!)....
>> and don't do the same stupid thing as I did, don't remove the wires
>for the
>> starter solenoid in that B fusebox connector, otherwise everything
>will be
>> fine but you won't even hear the starter "click".... I had to wire a
>> separate starter switch but I like it, it's like a rally car now.. :-)
>> HTH,
>> Mihnea
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