[urq] Re: WR-engine - Wiring harnesses

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Tue Aug 13 15:58:41 EDT 2002


>But can I use the other harness already in my car instead of

This harness does the following from right to left:

-Trip computer fuel sensor (large 3 pin sensor in the fuel distributor)
unless you have a trip computer you won't need it.
-Full throttle switch for enrichment valve (2 single spade connectors)
you will need it for full throttle enrichment, you can make a custom 12+ ignition circuit, your stock car will not have anything like that.
-auxiliary air regulator (brown?)
you will need a custom 12+ from ignition/ground (your car had ISV in place of this unit, which will not work with the old style valve).
-cold start injector (green)
you can use the stock one from your car, system should be identical.
-injector cooling fan (single spade, brown wire).
your car will not have anythign to plug this wire into anyway, might have to do custom relay if you really want an injector cooling fan.

Hope this helps.

Martin Pajak

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