To all who got the Water Injection Schematics...

Lewis, Gary M gary.m.lewis2 at
Tue Aug 13 10:37:17 EDT 2002

Hi Audifans
I went to the local wine country just north of Los Angeles over the weekend
with my Dad (1988 5kq, no "T"), drank a bunch of great wine, had a nice
lunch, oh wait, wrong list...

While in the the wine country, I kept an eye on the boost guage.  With the
RS2 turbo I occasionally saw 1.6 bar at part throttle.  I suggest that
everyone should probably use the schematic that has the 1.6 bar injector
triggered by the WOT switch, even the K26 owners.

I also got to do some WRC driving on a few back country dirt roads, GT3
style like my kids Playstation2.  Man, these cars are fun!!!  But my wagon
needs a bath...

Gary Lewis
1990 200TQW, RS2 Turbo, 1991 TQ Intercooler, 1.8 bar, Bypass Valve, Euro's,
Bilsteins, Redline in tranny and diffs

Planned upgrades: H20 Injection (Aug 02), Keyless Entry (Aug 02) 2.0 Bar
Upgrade (Sept 02)

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